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Here are 7 reason why you should choose Letterbox as your Virtual Office in Croatia:

  1. LetterBox is registered in the Croatian Company Registry for the service of Receiving Mail for the third party and we do not engage in any other activities – however we have partners with who we collaborate. d
  2. LetterBox does not provide the OfficeBox service as a secondary, alternative or collateral – our main service is to be your Register Agent and Company Seat for business in Croatia. 
  3. LetterBox gives you the services of receiving your mail at the Registered Seat  and in case you want to change your lawyer, accountant or tax advisor, your Registered Seat address does not depend on these decisions.
  4. Apart from giving the Company Seat address LetterBox allows  you to insert a Register Agent (Name, Last Name, OIB) – who will be entered in the Croatian Company Register as a responsible person for receiving your mail.
  5. Registered shipment can create legal consequences, so we take our services very seriously. We will send you all the documentation we receive for you within 24 hours of receipt.
  6. We archive received mail in 3 different locations so we can send you a copy of your documentation at any time.
  7. Having us as your partner will gain you an extra administrative worker for a reasonable price. We do not go on vacation, all received mail we forward to management and administration daily – this way the management will always be informed of all the received communications of their business abroad.

Now it is clear why our slogan is – OfficeBox is more than a virtual office.

Pod Kaštelom 4
51 000 Rijeka

T. +385 51 315 240
F. + 385 51 215 010

Mihanovićeva 16
10 000 Zagreb
T. +385 1 455 0443
F. +385 1 457 679