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Why rebranding – from Mail Receiving Agent into LetterBox.

Mail Receiving Agent was created as a market need. Why? Because the service of a Process Agent is a practice in the world. It is common practice for  non-residents, foreign investors and entrepreneurs to use in contracts and in business the Process Agent to receive letters in countries where they do not have a residence or registered seat.

Croatian law provides a Process Agent as a legal framework. It took us a couple of years to make the know-how to become a business. Our know-how must adapt to all the changes in laws and regulations. The needs of the market were completely different from what we researched. After recognizing the real need of the market and our customers, we have increased our range of services.

After we felt the real market and created sustainable know-how – the business needed rebranding. Although our old name of Mail Receiving Agent clearly explains what the company does – the name itself is too long, awkward and hard to remember. Our service names were also complicated, long and useless in marketing. So, we become LetterBox.

With the LetterBox concept itself, we have sent a clearer message of our business to our customers and simplified communication with them. We also renamed the services themselves:

  • ContractBox – Process Agent in the litigation process
  • RealEstateBox – Process Agent for the Land Registry
  • PersonalBox – Process Agent for delivery in the litigation process
  • OfficeBox – Process Agent for the Commercial Registry –  
  • SeaBox – Process Agent for the Vessel Register
  • AdminBox – Process Agent in administrative proceedings
  • AdminTrailBox – Process agent in administrative disputes

LetterBox in addition to rebranding has enabled online appointment requirements. In this way, we want to facilitate and speed up the appointment process for our customers. Rebranding is just the first step of our new concept –  with the new name LetterBox we feel as a modern, clear and progressive company that we see a bright future.

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