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Vessel registration is a mandatory process when considering the registration of a vessel in Croatia, this might help through the process. 

Understand the Registration Types: 

In Croatia, there are three main types of vessel registration: private (personal), commercial and public. Private registration is suitable for recreational vessels, while commercial registration is necessary for vessels engaged in commercial activities such as chartering or fishing. Public vessels are known for transportation between cities, islands and countries.  

Choose a Port of Registry: 

The Registration of the vessel is determent from the location where the mooring of the vessel is. The port of registry will be indicated on the vessel’s registration documents. The application are turned in at the Harborsmasters’ Office

Gather the Required Documentation: 

To register a vessel in Croatia, prepare the following documents: 

  • Proof of ownership: building certificate and invoice from the manufacturer or authorize representative or contract.
  • Proof of identity: copy of your passport or identification card – or any document with the address
  • Documents and certificates that proof technical eligibility.
  • Proof of deletion: certificate from a foreign Registrar, if the vessel is transferred from a foreign Register into the Croatian Register of Shipping.

The owner of the vessel who does not have residence in Croatia must appoint a Representative and a Registered Agent in Croatia.

Submit the Application: 

The application can be only submitted in hard copy. The Ministry of the Sea, Transportation and Infrastruction is the competent authority for the Registration, however all the documentation and paperwork must be turn in at the Harborsmasters’ Office. All application can be found at the website of the Ministry in English and Croatian language. Do not confuse the Croatian Register of Shipping and the Register of Ships. The registration of the ownership is recorded to the Register of Ship.

SeaBox service provides guidance through the entire appointment process and is registered for the service of receiving mail for a third party.

Registering a vessel in Croatia is a crucial step to enjoy a safe and legal boating experience. By following the steps, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the registration process and obtain the necessary documentation. 

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