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Working in LetterBox, more specifically in marketing, was one of the reasons for this success. Developing teamwork, communication skills and content marketing helped me a lot, but nothing would be possible without my colleagues Paula Grabar and Luka Škoda. I can proudly say we are the regional finals champions!

On the 29th of March, L’Oreal Brandstorm 2023 Balkan/Adria took place at L’Oreal headquaters in Zagreb and Belgrade. Only 10 teams from the region qualified and my colleagues Paula Grabar, Luka Škoda and I (Dalbor Valkaj) won the competition.

A few months ago, the L’Oréal Brandstorm 2023 competition was launched with the mission: CRACK THE NEW CODES OF BEAUTY. An initiative that aims to imagine the future of beauty via new technologies using artificial intelligence, metaverse, augmented reality or even virtual reality. The main task was to invent a new product or idea that would be associated with the before mentioned technology.

My team, which I mentioned earlier, is named Team PDL. We had a lot of ideas, each unique in its own way, but the main idea was born after our class when Paula realized something innovative that the market is missing.

Our idea was to create „The first ever L’Oreal global Metaverse Influencer event“ in which we connected Influencers, L’Oreal emloyees and the general public through VR Headset connected to Metaverse. VR Headset provides Influencers to work from home, while travelling or being in a remote location, making world-wide connection easier. L’Oreal has lower event organization costs, encourages environmental care and has something new on the market.

Before we even knew that we would qualify for regional finals, we had to create a presentation that consists of 3 slides and an video 1 minute long that explains our idea. That resulted successful and we were on our way to the regional finals. Regional finals were held in Zagreb and Belgrade, 5 teams in Zagreb 5 in Belgrade and each team had 10 minutes to present their idea and 10 minutes for the Q&A with the judges.

What happened later L’Oreal in their post said the best: „This year 62 teams applied, and 10 reached our regional finals, but Paula, Dalibor, and Luka stormed through the competition.“

We will have the opportunity to present our idea, throught the presentation and a video at the international semi-finals on the 2nd of May and compete for grand finals! At the international semi-finals we will compete with 46 countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, US, Canada and many more. Only 10 teams qualify for the grand finals in Paris to win an Intrapreneurship Award in L’Oreal head offices.

Finnaly, we would like to thank everyone for the support, kind words and precious advice. Keep your fingers crossed and we will do our best to win the L’Oreal Brandstorm 2023 competition.

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