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We created a concept of an One Stop Shop for all the companies that need or want to have a LLC Company in Croatia. Most companies that want to establish a subsidiary in Croatia need some time to build up a local team. While the company is building up the team, we are giving the possibility to establish the company and have it running.

The concept of an One Stop Shop provides convenience and efficiency by consolidating multiple offerings in one place, making it easier for customers to access what they need without having to visit multiple sources or engage with various providers. We collaborate with lawyers, accountants, administrative experts, banks and others.

LetterBox offers the service of OfficeBox which consists of the service of Company Registered Seat and Registered Agent, therefore we have been inserted in the notion of the Virtual Office. However, we offer much more that a Virtual Office because our responsibility towards are clients is more suitable for their business model.

Accordingly, our service of OfficeBox has the mail management approach. Mail management refers to the systematic handling and organization of physical and electronic mail (e.g., letters, packages, emails, and other forms of correspondence) within an organization. Therefore, we offer to insert in the Croatian Company Registered an email address that we will manage as all the received mail that we receive for your company. Effective mail management is important for ensuring that mail is processed efficiently, important communications are not missed, and sensitive information is handled securely.

To make our service of OfficeBox complete we give administrative support. Administrative support consists in administrative tasks such as, answering the phone and taking massages, filling in forms, hard copy bookkeeping (all original incoming and outgoing invoices in the binder) and for any more complex task we have our partners as a One stop shop.

Pod Kaštelom 4
51 000 Rijeka

T. +385 51 315 240
F. + 385 51 215 010

Mihanovićeva 16
10 000 Zagreb
T. +385 1 455 0443
F. +385 1 457 679