OfficeBox is more than office administration safe service

We took a concept of a virtual office and specialised in administering your mail. We made a more reliable, safe, and serious ecosystem for all business. OfficeBox is an innovative, and unique service that will allow you to focus on your business while we take care of your administration.

OfficeBox includes the following services:

  • Company’s Registered Seat
  • Register Agent registered in the Croatian Company Registry
  • Cloud Storage

OfficeBox operates throughout Croatia thanks to our two offices located in downtown Zagreb and Rijeka. You can rent a meeting room in our offices in Rijeka and Zagreb. OfficeBox is an upgrade of virtual offices which has become a market necessity in the business world today. Instead of paying rent, salary, and utilities – appointing LetterBox you can have all you need for a lower cost.

The benefits of appointing OfficeBox are numerous, and we are confident that we can simplify and organize your administration niche, which is the foundation of a well-run business. We receive all your mail, and regularly forward it to your accounts (management, director, accounting service, or a lawyer) according to your instructions.

We know that running a business is dynamic therefore we are here to personalize our service and adapt it to your needs.

OfficeBox – pricelist


For 10 shipments included in price (Registered Seat, Registered Agent)



For 30 shipments included in price (Registered Seat, Registered Agent)

380 €

Big Sky

For 100 shipments included in price (Registered Seat and Registered Agent)



For an unlimited number of shipments included in price (Registered Seat, Registered Agent)

1.300 €