Mission, Vision and Goals

We enable non-residents to enjoy equal rights as Croatian residents.

LetterBox helps non-residents to receive legal documents in Croatia. It’s done by providing a local address to a non-resident – a natural person, or a company - in accordance with Croatian law. As a result, we enable non-residents to own a boat, a yacht, a real estate, a company, and to run a business or to start litigation processes, administrative proceedings and disputes too.
Our goal is to provide safe and reliable service for receiving legal documents in Croatia. We are constantly improving our administrative support services, and services in an online application, together with receiving legal documents online. We optimized the range of our services, and deepened the spectrum of each service. We have achieved that by tailoring each service to the individual needs of our clients. By rebranding LetterBox, we want to be a modern, strong, and accessible company.

Our Company Values

It is important for all natural persons and legal entities to regularly receive legal documents in order to be able to enjoy full rights.

Our value is defined by being present on the market since 2013. Our clients are long-time associates and partners. This is a business idea that came up due to market demand, and is being executed throughout business practice and the right approach to our partners and colleagues.
Mail Receiving Agent enables proper delivery of legal documents for all natural persons and/or legal entities which do not have a residence / registered address in Croatia.
Legal documents are registered mail sent in special envelopes by courts, state bodies, and entities with public authority.

According to Croatian law, non-residents shall appoint a person or a company with a Croatian address to receive legal documents.
We have structured our services in a clear, simple, and accessible way for our users.

  • ContractBox – Process agent in the litigation process
  • CasaBox – Process agent for the Land Registry
  • PersonalBox – Process agent for delivery in the litigation process
  • OfficeBox – Process agent for the Commercial Registry
  • SeaBox – Process agent for the Vessel Register
  • AdminBox – Process agent in administrative proceedings
  • AdminTrailBox – Process agent in administrative disputes