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In the American movies it is common to see scenes where one of the characters receives a legal document and the delivery says: “You have been served”. That means that a person has been informed about a legal procedure that has been initiated. How stressful must that be? In Croatia, and in Europe overall, there is not that kind of practise – legal documents are delivered to an address with the registered mail. The registered mail is the proof that the delivery has been made to the person of interest. This is the reason why all entities in Croatia always ask for an address, even if they do not have anything to send. The process of receiving the documents through the system “e-Građani“ is still being worked on. Many countries in Europe have abolished the concept of residence address because they use similar online delivery systems. In Croatia we have two types of resident addresses for natural person; the one where you live (boravište), and the one where you vote and is written on the ID (prebivalište).

For all foreign boat owners that do not have their address written on the ID card (as it has been mention above – most countries in Europe are starting to abolish the resident address), that is the first wall to break in the Croatian Administrative Process. All Croatian Administrative Processes seek the appointment of a Register Agent – a Person or Company with the Croatian Address which will be inserted in the target Register. Most of the Harbour Master’s Offices will accept any documents with your name and address written on (Diver Licence or Car Insurance). Registering a boat in the Croatian Register of Ships is an Administrative Process too, therefore all non-resident have to appoint a Registered Agent and Representative. SeaBox is a service that has been custom made to meet your need.

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