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E-Communication enables companies to have remote access to all the case files, in addition enables to submitting and receiving legal documents in a court proceeding. All companies that are registered in the Croatian Company Register must have access to e-communication no later than three months from the registration. The E-Communication System in Croatia works through the system called “e-Komunikacija” as part of the “e-Spis” used by the Croatian Jurisdictional System.  

 When registering into the system “e-Komunikacije“, it is necessary to:  

  • Enter the official e-mail address of the Company in the Croatian Company Register of the competent Commercial Court

The request can be submitted to the competent Commercial Court via e-mail: Form 

 The list of the e-mail addresses can be found here.

  • Register in the system “e-Komunikacije“  at the Ministry of Justice

 After fulfilling these preconditions, it is necessary to submit the following information to the e-mail address 

  • OIB of legal persons 
  • name of the legal entity 
  • e-mail address which will receive notifications about court documents received via “e-Komunikacije“  
  • first and last name, OIB of a Registered Agent authorized to work with “e- Komunikacije“  

To have access to “e-Komunikacije“, a Company can appoint a Registered Agent authorized to work with “e-Komunikacije“.  

  • Meet the technical conditions

To activate “e-Komunikacije“ you must have a Digital Certificate. Once that is completed, the Digital Certificate can be used in other services that the State provides like turning in the Financial Annual report and others.

The Entity that issues the Digital Certificate in Croatia is the Financial Agency (FINA). When the Digital Certificate is issued for the first time, the Director of the company must personally submit the Request and be physically present at office of FINA. The Certificate has a two year validity period. After that time, it is possible to renew the certificate through the proxy.  

Without fulfilling these conditions, it is not possible to use “e-Komunikacije“.  

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