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Based on The Economic Forecast for Croatian published by the European Commission Croatia is having the average inflation rate above the Europe area average but still below eastern European countries. In 2023 the inflation lowered to 6,5% and the prediction for 2024 brings inflation down to 1,6%.

In 2023, real GDP is forecast to grow by 1.2% supported also by the accession of Croatia to the euro and Schengen areas, which is expected to further reduce costs and frictions to trade and travel and support inbound investments.”

Croatian investments are expected to grow in the year ahead, due to the growth of public consumption, decrease in energy and food prices, state investments, EU funds, introduction of Euro and Schengen. As a result, Virtual Offices are becoming more popular and more in demand. A Virtual Office offers the Company Registered Seat, a meeting room and/or a phone number.

Here are three reasons why Virtual Office is a valuable choice:

  1. Virtual Office is cost effective.

A Virtual Office is a great solution due to the high prices of real estate and rent in Croatia. Apart from the Real Estate, the cost of labour has risen as well. Without the additional cost of  lease, labour and maintenance of the office creates cost efficiency. Virtual Office is especially interesting for Online Businesses that have to have Company Registered Seat when is required from the law enforcement.

  1. Virtual Office is a professional business tool.

Virtual Office has become an essential tool for business in US and is growing in Europe. It has become a norm to have a Company Registered Seat at a Virtual Office rather than at a Law Office or Accounting Office. In case of a changeover that may occur with your Attorney or Accounting partnership, there will be no impact on your Company Registered Seat.

  1. Virtual Office is an address to enter into the Croatian Company Register.

A Virtual Office gives the Company Registered Seat that is entered in the Croatian Company Register. The Croatian Company Register is public, and it includes data and records on each company that is registered in Croatia. Some of the available data in the Register are: Name of the Company, Personal Identification Number of the Company (OIB), Company Registered Seat, Founder, Members of the Board, Register Agent and other.

LetterBox is more than a Virtual Office because it gives the service of a Registered Agent. A Registered Agent is the contact person that is inserted in the Croatian Company Register. This allows everyone to know the Address and Contact Person. LetterBox is especially tailored for companies who do not have an administration and management team since it is not yet present in the desired area, but with our  service of OfficeBox the Company will have all the local support that its needed and the management is daily updated.

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