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One Stop Shop should choose Companies that: 

  • want to have a Business Seat in Croatia but their Management and Administration is not physically present on the address; 
  • are starting a business in Croatia and need Local Support (Legal support, Accounting, Tax advisory or Administrative assistance); 
  • need the Local Support to be communicating and collaborating within eachother, until they establish their own Local Office.  

One Stop Shop provides the service for companies that want to have a Company Seat and a Registered Agent in Croatia which is called OfficeBox. That means that LetterBox will offer the address but also a person that will be insert in the Croatian Company Register, who will be responsible to receive all official communication for the Company. This is very important for Companies whose Management or Administration is not physically present at the Business Seat. LetterBox with its service OfficeBox takes care as an Administrative Assistant while the Management takes care of business.  

One Stop Shop offers the connection to Local Support made of Legal support, Accounting, Tax advisory and Administrative Assistant that make the whole process of having remote business in Croatia easy, efficient and simple. 

As an Administrative Assistant, we daily send all received post to the Management or Administration or at any contact that the Management provides us. In our experience, communication and collaboration within Local Support and LetterBox makes business easier and assured. Being connected, the concept keeps on evolving. 

One Stop Shop takes care of Companies whose Management and Administraton is not physically present and companies that start up and need Local Support. Collaboration and communication between Companies, Local Support and LetterBox makes the business structured. 

One Stop Shop – an easy, efficient and simple concept.

Written by Dalibor Valkaj in collaboration with Mirta Krneta

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