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The Company Registered Seat is the legal address of a company, and it is where official correspondence and legal notices are sent. A Company Registered Seat is entered in the Croatian Registry, and it serves not only as the location of a company, but also where the Management and Administration of the company sits.  

When choosing a Company Registered Seat, one should bear in mind the taxation and jurisdiction system of the chosen region. Each region can have different regulations, and it could happen that some jurisdictions offer a different approach than others.  

All regular agencies, court register and court proceedings are also determined by the Company Registered Seat. 

Company Registered Seat is entered into the Croatian Company Register which is online and public. Each company that is registered in Croatia must be entered into the Croatian Company Register. It includes data and records on each company that operates business in Croatia. Some of the available data in the Register are Name of the Company, Personal Identification Number of the Company (OIB), Company Registered Seat, Founder, Members of the Board, Register Agent and others. 

A reliable system of Mail Management is recommended on the Company Registered Seat to ensure all mail and other correspondence is duly received and managed. When deciding on a Company Registered Seat, it is important to choose the option which offers Mail Management, that is why a Registered Agent is a valuable addition. The Registered Agent is the contact person authorized to receive legal documents on behalf of another Business and it is listed in the Company Register. Mail Management includes receiving post, email and e-communication. To make Mail Management effective and efficient, we supply a range of services that include sorting and registering incoming mail, managing registered urgent and confidential mail, maintaining databases, recording, storing and updating of accounts. 

It is important to note that a Company Registered Seat is different from its Business Address, which is where the company conducts its day-to-day operations. Choosing the Company Registered Seat requires a detailed consideration of legal, tax and business practices. Research is an important part of the process and companies should seek professional and local advice. 

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