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Foreign ship owners who wish to register their boat in the Croatian Register of Ships, must have a Process Agent and a Representative. When the ship owner appoints a Representative in the Register of Ships, the Representative can make changes in the Application for Registration, Pre-registration and Annotation in the Register of Ships. The Representative also has the possibility to delete the boat from Register of Ships. We offer the service of Process Agent and Representative. The service of a Representative proved to be a great service for our clients during the pandemic because our clients were able to make all necessary changes to the Register of Ships through us. 

We limited our Representation for the Register of Ships, however, the Authorization form (customized for procedures for registration in the Register of Ships) which is submitted from the Port Authority does not limit its Representation. It refers to the Maritime Code Art. 190., which authorizes representation in front of competent Croatian authorities in the absence of the boat owner.  

When we started to offer our service of Process Agent and when our potential clients would contact us for more information, the price was always a problem. Despite that, we are always flexible, because it is not the same to provide services for a yacht or a vessel, sailboat or a 4-meter dinghy. Big boats are a big responsibility for boat owners, as well as for us. Therefore, the owners of smaller boats (but not only them) have would decline our offer because, as they said, they found a „local guy“ that accepted to be their Process Agent and their Representative. The Authorization form from the web does not only appoints the Process Agent , but it also appoints the representative. Therefore, it is important to read the Autorization and make sure to know the person who the boat owner is giving the Autorization. . 

Ministry of the Sea for the last past year has maintained order and control in the Croatian ports and in the Register of Ships. A Process Agent or a Representative will be contacted by the Authorities if your boat has untied during the storm or if the engine releases oil into the sea. The appointed person should be your confidant and trustworthy person, therefore we at LetterBox work daily, we are adapting to the needs of our clients and needs of the market. 

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