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ContractBox – Process Agent pursues Art. 133.b. par. 1.  of the Civil Procedure Code:

If, before filing the Writ with the court in a written agreement concluded with the Plaintiff, the Defendant agrees the service in disputes is to be realized to a specific address in the Republic of Croatia or through a specific person in the Republic of Croatia , to which the agreement relates, the Writ and other documents of the Court in the proceedings shall be served to the Defendant at that address or to that person, at the proposal of the Plaintiff. The delivery to Defendant has been realized when the person specified in the agreement is served the legal document. 

ContractBox is a service of a Process Agent used by the contracting parties in case of a dispute. The service is being contracted at the moment of drafting a contract by inserting a proper clause between parties in a contract. 

Appointing a Process Agent enables deliveries regarding the contract and exercising party’s rights in a dispute.


PersonalBox – Process Agent in the Court proceedings pursuant Art 143.a Par. 1 of the Litigation Act 

Every natural person, regardless of whether or not performs a business activity, is authorized to request from the police department with jurisdictional authority, according to the place of one’s registered residence or domicile, to make a statement in one’s domicile and residence declaration to be served in court proceedings at a certain address or to certain persons at a certain address in the Republic of Croatia.

PersonalBox is a service that is only used by people with Croatian residence that for certain reasons cannot receive court mail at the address of its residency. Some of the reasons might be: field work locally or abroad, medical treatment, schooling, traveling etc.

Upon inquiry caused by unsuccessful delivery, the Ministry of the Interior notifies the Court about the Process Agent who is inserted in their Registry –  PersonalBox.


AdminBox – Process Agent in Administrative proceeding pursuant Art. 37, par 1 and 2 of the ZOUP:

(1) When a party has authorized a certain person to receive a letter (the Process Agent), one shall inform the public entity.

AdminBox is a service used by applicants in the administrative proceedings who do not have a residency or Registered Seat in Croatia.

A person who does not have a residency in Croatia must ensure to receive legal documents in the Republic of Croatia through a third party in the administrative proceedings.

A resident in the Republic of Croatia doesn’t have to, but may appoint a Process Agent of one’s own choice.


SeaBox – The Process Agent for ship owners under Art. 67 par. 4. of the Rules of the Register of Ships:

(1) Administrative acts (decisions and conclusions), as well as other acts and documents issued in connection with the register of ships may be submitted:

  1. by post and in another way according to the rules of regulations governing delivery in the general administrative procedure

SeaBox is a service used by ship owners who do not have a residence in Croatia and want to register their boat or yacht in the Croatian Register of Ships.

Users of the service can be both natural and legal persons – ship owners.

With a simp le and fast appointment, SeaBox receives all legal documents related to your boatand provides you with administrative support during the registration.

Instead of collecting numerous papers, documents and requests, contact us, and make all the necessary changes for the Register of Ships online.


CasaBox – Process Agent in a non-litigation proceeding pursuant Art. 140. 2 Land Register Act:

The applicant, who is abroad and does not have a representative in the Republic of Croatia, shall appoint a Process Agent in the Republic of Croatia and report its address when submitting the application. If the application does not contain information about the Process Agent it shall be rejected by the Court.

CasaBox is a service used by the applicants with no residence or domicile in the Republic of Croatia for registering with the Land Registry.

With a simple and quick appointment, LetterBox receives all legal documents related to the real estate registration and registered data in the land registries.

Our users are non-residents who own real estates in Croatia.

Online excerpt – The excerpt from the Land Registry will be sent by email. Fill in an Online Request – price 40,00€


OfficeBox – Process agent pursuant Art. 396. Par. 1. Point 7. of the Company Act

The following shall be entered in the Commercial Registry:

  1. if a person is authorized to receive a mailing statement and legal documents on behalf of the company at the address in the Republic of Croatia, this data is also entered; for the third persons, the mentioned person is authorized until removed from the Commercial Registry and its removal is being published, unless the third party was aware that the person no longer has the respective authority,

OfficeBox is a specialized service of a Registered Agent for Companies whose management and administration is not physically present at the Company  Registered Seat. By appointing a Registered Agent, who is inserted in the Croatian Company Registry, which is public. This way all institutions in Croatia or business partners can find a contact address for mail delivery.

OfficeBox operates throughout Croatia thanks to our two offices located in downtown Zagreb and Rijeka.

Connect with us for professional support that is tailored to your needs. We are experts in our services – ready to provide personalized assistance and guidance. Enhance your customer experience.