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SeaBox is one of the services we provide at LetterBox. Our customers are people who do not have a residence or company seat in Croatia, and are the owners of a boat that sails under the Croatian flag. Our customers can also be persons who have a residence or registered office in Croatia, but the law does not oblige them to do so.

Here are 5 benefits why you should use our service SeaBox:

  1. We guide you through the entire appointment process.
  2. We can make all the appointments online, so there is no need for you to come to us. However  – we are always glad to have you in our office in Rijeka or Zagreb.
  3. You can also appoint us as a rappresentative, but only in the form of communication with public law bodies – for all professional representation, you appoint them depending on your needs.
  4. LetterBox is registered for the service of receiving mail for a third party. This is our main activity that we provide – however we cooperate with different professionals and partners
  5. With us you will get a local guy who can always assist you with your boat in Croatia. 

For carefree ownership – SeaBox


Pod Kaštelom 4
51 000 Rijeka

T. +385 51 315 240
F. + 385 51 215 010

Mihanovićeva 16
10 000 Zagreb
T. +385 1 455 0443
F. +385 1 457 679