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During 2022 and the first quarter of this year, the world economy was faced with the challenges of rising prices of goods and services, often in double-digit amounts. Inflation has become a significant challenge for businesses regardless of size and industry. The price of raw materials, semi-finished products and services in the supply chain are increasing. The increase in input prices affects the adjustment of the business and development financing strategy.

The financial stability maintenance is possible with own funds or with the funds of financial institutions. Croatian LLC Companies can apply for different form of liquidity and investment financing such as a commercial bank with discount interest rate, EU founds or state investments loans.

The interest rate discount by state aid can be achieved for long-term investments in business growth and development, which includes green and digital transition and business competitiveness. The EU financial instrument of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan provided funds for such investments until the end of 2025. EU financial instrument includes the loans or guarantees, through the commercial banks or the state financial institutions.

Currently,  HBOR (Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development) has available a financial instrument that offers loans with interest rate discount through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan but must be higher than 100,000€ with interested annual rates of 0,80 and 0,40% fixed for investment in green and/or digital transition and RDI base projects. Maximum loan amount is EUR 1.000.000.

HBOR also offers regular loans at annual interest rates of 4 and 4,5% fixed, depending on the area of investment, business activity and competitiveness.

Currently, Hamag-Bicro (Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovation and Investments) offers loan for micro and small business.  The loan can be used to finance business liquidity, in the amount of 1.000,oo to 25.000,00 EUR and an annual interest rate of 0.5 to 1% fixed, depending on the statistical region.

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