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We published a blog about having web shops in Croatia. While conducting a research, we noticed many websites do not have their Company name listed on their website. Therefore, here we go with a very simple message, the Brand name is not a Company name.  

The Company name is important for all legal communication and transaction whereas Brand name is important as an image. Like meeting a new person – the Company name is their ID and the Brand is the smile, the way it dresses or their handshake. 

The Company name is a legal entity on its own. Each Company that has a Business Seat in Croatia must be clearly distinguished from any other Companies with Business Seat in Croatia. The Company name needs to be highlighted on the Company’s Business Seat and included on the business communication (memo, web site, agreements, general conditions, invoices). Keep in mind, if a person’s name is included, that person must give a consent. The Company name and all its changes must be registered in the Croatian Company Register which is online and public. In the Croatian Company Seat it is also possible to enter the Register Agent – the person that will be responsible to receive all recommended mail while the management of the company is not present.

Brand names are most often strategically thought-out marketing tools pointed towards establishing consumer awareness and Brand loyalty. It builds identity and creates Brand image. In most cases buyers hear about Brand name first.

Reflecting on our simple message Brand name is not a Company name, we would like to repeat the important parts. Company name is the name that must be present in all business communication and it is the name that is written in the Croatian Company Register.

If you want to know more about Company name, Business Seat or Croatian Company Register please feel free to contact us.

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