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Have you ever heard of a Register Agent? In the USA every Company is legally required to have a Registered Agent. In Croatia it is not legally required but the Croatian Company Register gives you the option to appoint one.  

What is a registered agent? 

A registered agent is an individual or business entity that accepts tax and legal documents on behalf of your business. These include court papers if business is sued (what lawyers call ”service of process”), business registration renewal notices from the Secretary of State, and tax notices.  

Most states in the USA require from the LLC to have a registered agent when LLC is established. Main purpose of a registered agent is to help business maintain effective corporate compliance by informing the management and/or the administration of a legal notices or sending annual report filing reminders. Company can appoint a registered agent service company, and agent needs to be located in the same state as your business. If your business is in Croatia, we present you LetterBox. LetterBox is a Croatian Registered Agent.  

LetterBox allows to receive legal documents or any registered mail in Croatia. It’s done by providing a local address as a Business Seat and a Register Agent that is inserted into the Croatian Company Register.  

LetterBox named a service of Registered Agent as OfficeBox, because we build up a concept with adding different services such as Registered Agent, business seat, a receiving mail agent, an administrative assistant in Croatia. This way we provide a full package for all companies that do not have their management board sitting physically in Croatia.  



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